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Zach Lowe on Brandon Jennigns

Another great read from Lowe. This is on the camera system installed in half the arenas by STATS LLC. Interesting look at data that no one has ever kept track of.

He does lots of takes on different players but the only one that relates to NO is what he says about possible target Jennings.

For reference, according to Lowe

teams average just about one point per possession overall


Brandon Jennings, alleged seeker of a max deal, continues to rank only so-so by these sorts of metrics, and since the Bucks are a camera team, you can bet they know this. Jennings has recorded a ho-hum 5.8 drives per game, and the Bucks have scored just 1.06 points per possession on trips when Jennings does drive — one of the lowest numbers in the sample. Monta Ellis is both more prolific (about 8.0 drives per game) and a more efficient engine of team scoring (1.30 points per possession) when he does drive.

The whole article is well worth the time


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re: Zach Lowe on Brandon Jennigns

Zach Lowe is going to end up following in Hollinger's footsteps and getting hired by a team.

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re: Zach Lowe on Brandon Jennigns

good stuff...Jennings is overrated.

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