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Patrick Robinson Blues

PRob was drafted primarily cuz of the man cover skills he had. Switching to the zone coverage prolly impacted him more negatively than any other player. This is shown in this PFF study of CBs.

He and two other CBs were the first in history to allow over 1000yds in coverage. Out of 619 coverage snaps he played in this comes out to 1.73 yards per snap. That ranks 111th out of 115 cornerbacks. Note that Tracy Porter was even worse.

In info that has leaked out it becomes clearer that a great part of Spags failure was trying to fit square pegs into round holes.

Robinson flashes some obvious skills. Making better use of what he does best could be a vital component of major defensive improvement. Certainly such things will be key in decided on the next DC.

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re: Patrick Robinson Blues

Clearly Ken Flajole was not a serviceable DB coach.

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re: Patrick Robinson Blues


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re: Patrick Robinson Blues

He's got talent, he's shown it the last couple of years.

He started slow in 2011 too and then it clicked for him and he played much better down the stretch, in a man-heavy scheme where he can use his ample athletic abilities and not have to rely on making snap decisions and reacting to the ball in flight.

They'll give him like one more year (if only because of necessity) and then if he can't cut it next year, he's walking. IMO.

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re: Patrick Robinson Blues

Good catch on Porter. Robinson is actually two spots better (111th to 113th) so I guess the decision to let Porter go was justified

I don't think Robinson is a lost cause though. He has the physical tools to do well and hopefully will have more luck with the new scheme than he did with Spags' system. It also wouldn't hurt to have a disciplined safety playing behind him. Whenever Robinson did get beat, it often resulted in a td or big gain.

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