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Le Creuset enamel cracking

Is this normal? none of it is chipping off but there are tiny cracks in the enamel. You can't feel them, enamel is still smooth.

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re: Le Creuset enamel cracking

That sucks.

It seems to me that as long as it doesn't flake it should be OK. We have the oval dutch oven but I don't know about warranty. If it is still in warranty I would challenge it and see what they say.

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re: Le Creuset enamel cracking

None of mine have, but a friend of mine has the large Dutch oven that has done this. Le Crueset replaced it, and I don't think it was still under warranty. They were pretty nice about, she said. It wouldn't hurt to contact them.

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re: Le Creuset enamel cracking

Don't they have a lifetime warranty? They ought to for what they cost.

That having been said, my Dutch oven is forty years old and apart from some discoloration of the inside enamel it's as good as the day I bought it.

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