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Editing resume for department transfers and promotions?

I'd figure this would be the best place to post about this.

Im organizing my resume and im figuring out how to put it all together.

My entire working career i've only worked for 2 companies....one company "X", I worked for them for 4 years...3 different jobs within the same company, 3 different departments (all totally different jobs)...health care industry.

the second company ive worked for "Y", ive been here for a year and a half....started off as a peasant, got promoted to a peasant over the wireless department, and i just got promoted to the assistant manager of the company.

how would you line this up on a resume?

all suggestions help...thanks

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re: Editing resume for department transfers and promotions?

I'm curious how folks handle this as well. I've never thought of it, but (fingers crossed) I'll have to address this in the near future.

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re: Editing resume for department transfers and promotions?
might be time to move from a chronological resume to a functional resume.

depending on your "peasant" duties, might be time to ditch those all together.

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re: Editing resume for department transfers and promotions?
As someone who has hired lots of people, I'll tell you I look for people who have some degree of stability and stay with the same company for a bit. Since I also didn't have as much time to read all resumes as carefully as I would like, for the first company I would list all your jobs together just to make sure no one misses the fact that you were there for over 4 years.

I'd just have one entry with all of the job titles. Then list the most appropriate duties and accomplishments as they relate to the job you are applying for. To make it easy, I would make one master resume with all of your duties as accomplishments, and just delete the parts that aren't needed depending on the job you applied for.

For the second job I would list it as two entries. The current assistant manager job and a combined listing for the peasant and peasant supervisor job. For that one if the job titles aren't clear that one position was a supervisory position over the first, I would include something in the description that makes it clear you were promoted (Ex after 6 month of exemplary performance was promoted to NEW JOB TITLE).

As a general rule in resume, make sure you are not only listing duties, but accomplishments as well. You clearly did somethings well as you were promoted twice, make sure those things are mentioned in your resume.

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