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IST/blind 1/20/13

Will be heading out to go bang up some more wood ducks.

Yesterday, right at the time the ducks were coming in, 2 dam hogs came swimging thru the botton not more then 65 yards. I was able to swap over to a slug, but missed.

The water is to deep to pack my 44 mag, so I will have my old 30 30 today. In the last 3 hunts, I saw hogs, but no deer. I'm sure they ran off all deer in my area. Hell, I don't even see but just a few deer hoof prints.

Its 37F
No wind
Lower Pointe Coupee

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re: IST/blind 1/20/13

36 degrees / foggy
Box stand
Osyka, Miss

No deer so far

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