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re: Went shooting 3 months ago. Ears still ring.?

Mine ring constantly. Don't care

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re: Went shooting 3 months ago. Ears still ring.?

Yes, you have tinnitus. It may resolve, but the fact that it's gone on this long makes that unlikely. For your sake (and anyone else here), don't EVER shoot guns w/o hearing protection, and the more, the better! Now, I'll get down off the soapbox.

Whenever one's ears are exposed to loud noises, starting at 22 LR level of noise, one's ears are injured. Depending on a number of circumstances, they may recover. If one develops tinnitus after loud noise exposure, the injury to the hearing has been more severe. In the early stages of the injury, the tinnitus will usually resolve. As the injury progresses, the tinnitus may reach a point that it does NOT resolve. For the past 20 years or so I've lived w/ tinnitus on a daily basis. It's my fault. I shot a 223 Remington Contender barrel one February w/ loose fitting muffs (worn over a wool cap) and no ear plugs. I knew better.... My ears have rung daily eversince, some days worse than other. Now I wear some sort of hearing protection, even when hunting. I'll prolly end up w/ a hearing aid some day.

My personal recs:
EVERYONE reading, wear plugs (the foam expanding type provide the most protection) AND muffs (get a pair w/ max protection). They compliment each other and the protection from the combination is additive.
Wear protectiion w/ ANY gunfire, as well as other loud noises, e.g hand tools, mowers, etc.
LSU alum wannabe, make you an appt w/ an ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist, to include a hearing evaluation. Tell them the symptoms you're having. Be sure that particular ENT does hearing evaluations, as not all do.
For those of you who've not had any noticeable problems despite exposure to loud noises, that may seem good. Nevertheless, the symptoms will not be noticed by you until you've already suffered damage. Do like I didn't......wear protection all the time.

Rant mode OFF.

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re: Went shooting 3 months ago. Ears still ring.?

I shot a 300 Win Mag off of a toolbox in the back of a truck about 20 years ago. The sound bounced off of the back window of the truck into my right ear. Felt like there was blood running out of my ear. My ear is still ringing as I type this. You get used to it after a couple of years but it is always there. Most noticeable at night when you are trying to sleep

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