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Anybody else feel like the past two weeks has really elevated the show?

The pilot episode was good and I watched every episode from then on, but it felt like every episode was the same old thing. After the mid season finale, however, the show has gotten good IMO. Glad I didn't give up on it.

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re: Nashville

I need to start watching it again. I kind of got bored with it in episode three.

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re: Nashville

Yeah it's gotten better the past few episodes. Before then it seemed like the 2 female leads really didn't interact with each other at all.

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re: Nashville

thank you all for making a list of posters with poor taste. Now when you post I can always say "well that fricker thinks Nashville is a good show".

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re: Nashville

Does this show feature one stable relationship? That's my problem with it. They're all fricked up like Chinese Algebra.

Some of the songs you hear and think, hey they might be good, then you listen to them outside the show and they aren't so hot. Haven't really heard one song I've liked after hearing it on the show.

This show might actually stop the "it played on TV so it's going to go viral" thing Glee and other shows started. It appears that may be wearing off now, maybe because there are so many reality music shows and music dramas like this one.

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