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Question About 1098 (Mortgage Interest)

I have my mortgage through Chase and have not received this yet. Do you guys know if this is something I will be getting through the mail by the end of the month? Also, what impact will this have on my return? I paid roughly $4700 in interest last year. My wife does our taxes so I guess we could just go off our last mortgage statement from the end of December?

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re: Question About 1098 (Mortgage Interest)

You should get it by the end of the month in the mail, unless you have some sort of e-notification set up.

To answer the other question, I would assume it would help a little.

And to answer the final question, I would wait. You could get interest from the final statement, but the form includes taxes as well.

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re: Question About 1098 (Mortgage Interest)

Post marked by 1-31-XXXX, is the legal minimum. My mortgage is serviced by Chase also and 1098 should be available on-line in about 1 or 2 weeks.

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re: Question About 1098 (Mortgage Interest)

You can call and get the figures over the phone. They have until 1/31/13 to mail them out. I ususally get mine by 20th or so of the month from Chase.

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re: Question About 1098 (Mortgage Interest)

Just wait - IRS isn't accepting e-File until the end of the month anyways

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