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re: Does Matt Ryan impress you?

Good qb. Has a lot of tools to work with as well.

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re: Does Matt Ryan impress you?

Above average with a good cast of characters around him. But not a star by any stretch.

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re: Does Matt Ryan impress you?


Wilson, Luck, Kaep, RG3 are probably all going to be better than Ryan

Luck seems imminent and possibly Wilson.

Today was the first that Wilson had carry his team. He was awesome. During the course of the season, the Seahawks just needed him to make about 15 throws a game. They were a strong running team with a very, very good defense. For me, I want to know my QB can air out 40 times a game week in and week out. Wilson seems to be on the right track, but I am not sure he will be the same without the training wheels.

Also, these dual-threat QB's are not going to be very effective when they start 11 games a year.

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