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Zappa album starter kit

Somone let me know how to do it right. Which couple to figure out if I want to go any further.

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re: Zappa album starter kit

The '60s stuff:

Freak Out

Absolutely Free

We're Only In It For The Money

Ruben & The Jets

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re: Zappa album starter kit

It depends a lot on what type of Zappa you would like, such as the songs with more lyrics, or the more rock/jazz compositions.
My favorites are Hot Rats, Zoot Allures, and Joe's Garage.
That's a pretty good representation to start with.

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re: Zappa album starter kit

Have I Offended Someone is another possibility.

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re: Zappa album starter kit

Over Nite Sensation

The Grand Wazoo


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re: Zappa album starter kit

Hot Rats and Overnight Sensation are good to start with.

Then go for Freak Out, Absolutely Free and We're Only In It for the Money

My favorite is Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar. It's mainly guitar solos, live and studio.

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