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Traffic around the arena

I know the roads around the arena have been closed. Do they reopen all the streets around the arena for hornets games?

Coming in from i10


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re: Traffic around the arena
from what was said on wwl
yaesterday, yes they'll open
the roads

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re: Traffic around the arena
With the SB preparations underway and the finishing work on the new Loyola streetcar line, that entire area has the potential of a clusterfrick. Personally, I recommend people stay to the river side of Loyola and take the short walk to the Arena. I do that for most games anyway.

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re: Traffic around the arena
Best to park in the lots near rouses and walk. It's less than 10 minutes and after the game it's a straight shot to the interstate.

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re: Traffic around the arena
Get off Airline at i10 and ride Tulane Ave up and take a right S. Galvez. Take Galvez down to Lafayette, hook a left, and ride up towards the Arena. You'll see a huge lot where people park for the game.

Take the same way out.

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re: Traffic around the arena
Park under the overpass at claiborne and earhart and take the walking bridge over the train tracks to the arena.

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