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My Christmas miracle

7-7 regular season record.
I got into the playoffs because the worst team in the league upset the team that should have made it in on the last week.

I won by 0.02 in the semifinals against the 12-2 #1 seed.

I won by 1.3 in the championship because of Kaepernick's controversial TD.

I forgot to mention that I had the second lowest points out of the 8 teams in the two brackets (championship and consolation) BOTH weeks.

Is this the dirtiest championship of all time?

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re: My Christmas miracle
this yr i missed the playoffs, but in the past i've had two of the best teams and lost to teams with considerably less talent - i guess it just matters if you are clicking on all cylinders - which it appears you were.
fwiw 12-1 regular season lost after bye week
12-2 regular season lost in sb.

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re: My Christmas miracle
You're THAT guy. Schedule makes all the difference in fantasy. Second place team in our league had the lowest pouts-for and the lowest points-against. With a diff schedule he doesn't even make the playoffs.

It's like the SEC offices made his schedule.

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re: My Christmas miracle
If you play long enough, it'll even out. Next time, you may have more points than anyone and not make the playoffs.

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re: My Christmas miracle
I was 6-7, #6 seed with the second highest regular season pt total. Won my league! Beat the #5 seed who was the highest reg season, 10 pts more than me.

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re: My Christmas miracle
top overall seed, 2nd most points

lost in the first round

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