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re: Syria and Chemical Weapons...

fricking Slovaks. Always their fault.

Or maybe it's the Slovenes. Don't remember. Eh, frick them too. Nuke thuh wurrrrld! Yeeeee murka

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re: Syria and Chemical Weapons...

gotta stop sometime or our country will be so far in debt we wont be able to defend ourselves. now is as good a time as ever. wont happen though.

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re: Syria and Chemical Weapons...


I was watching an interview with an expert on chemical weapons on CNN the other night. They were saying that a single 110mm shell of Sarin gas landing in a populated city could kill 20-50 thousand people in a few hours. That is truly terrifying. What is possibly more terrifying is that even if we bomb the missile sites, the gas would still be released and kill even more people. The only way we'd be able to stop these chemical weapons from being used is a precise special forces insertion.... And there are dozens of missile sites if I heard correctly...

I believe I saw or heard in the past that incendiary bombs would be used to destroy chemical weapon stockpiles.

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re: Syria and Chemical Weapons...

If they used it on Syrians , nothing much will happen
If they hit Israel , they'll nuke Syria

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