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Syria and arab springs

The west doing a really bad job
Ok , you want democracy, but at what cost !
And what kind of shitty democracy is it when you have the majority rule and kill the minorities.
It's time for The west to stop the blind support for the rebels and have a different perspective on the situation . More pressure on both sides to come up with a political situation whereby both radials and seculars share power. If the rebels win and kill Assad , be prepare for a new era of alqeada like situations not just in Syria but through out the ME
The rise of radical Islam

The ultimate solution to stop the rise of the radicals is resolving the Palestinian/israeli issue, which is the main source of generating radical Islamists

In 10 years from now I see Iran as an ally for the west with the continuous fall of secular dictators and the rise of the Muslims bros

My opinion

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re: Syria and arab springs

Democracy is simply tyranny by the masses. That's why I like Constitutional Democratic Republics like the U.S.

"A legislature can trample a man's rights just as easily as a king can. Why would I trade one tyrant 3,000 miles away for 3,000 tyrants one mile away?"
Mel Gibson in "The Patriot"

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