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Mulholland Drive....

What the frick did I just watch? I get that the story line isn't linear but Seemed like a series of open ended story lines and plot gaps that moved at a glacial pace...The soft core lesbo scenes were a plus...Maybe I didn't go in with the right mind set. I'm down for bizarre unorthodox cinema but I really just didn't get this film at all. Is there some secret meaning that went totally over my head? Or is the meaning that there isn't one...and the film served it's purpose perfectly by confusing the frick out of me and forcing me to think?

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re: Mulholland Drive....
Someone posted a link to a site that gives a good detailed description of what it's about. Hopefully they can post it again. Without that I'd still be lost

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re: Mulholland Drive....
People have their own theories, but who fricking cares? It's a great film, and one to experience, not sit and dissect every piece of minutia. I don't even think Lynch fully understands it.

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re: Mulholland Drive....
Some guy put this movie in the worst films ever thread. I didn't respond to it, but wtf?

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re: Mulholland Drive....

I'm down for bizarre unorthodox cinema

Doesn't seem that way.

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