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Kimber Pepperblaster II

A friend of mine refuses to get a gun for self-defense purposes despite my pleading. She seems open to the idea of pepper spray though. I'm looking at the Kimber Pepperblaster II.

The reviews I've read seem positive, but I wanted the OB's opinion. Any thoughts on this pepper spray or any other product that's worthwhile.


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re: Kimber Pepperblaster II
Judge. /thread

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re: Kimber Pepperblaster II
I got my wife this Sabre Pepper spray. She has her conceal carry license but she can't carry at work.

Sabre spitfire

I keep this Mace night Defender at the front door on a shelf. It's a gel pepper spray and if someone knocks on the door I usually grab it and answer ready to spray them. It should give me enough time to get to my real weapons.

Mace Night Defender

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re: Kimber Pepperblaster II
If she's hellbent in pepper spray, buy her a small knife she can keep on her key chain too. Often times, especially with doped up muggers, the pepper spray will stun and disorient but they'll still be able to come at you. Make sure she has a second line if defense if she relies on pepper spray.

I have heard the kimber spray is one of the best.

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re: Kimber Pepperblaster II
Want some real Hot Sauce, Look no further.


The weapon is also available to the general public.
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re: Kimber Pepperblaster II
I will say, if she is not comfortable with a gun, then there is no way in hell that she should have one...likely to get killed with her own gun...

that pepper spray does look interesting, but I really would need to know a little more about exactly what it is and does before I would buy it...
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re: Kimber Pepperblaster II
Your friend will soon be raped.

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re: Kimber Pepperblaster II
Saber is the best pepper you can go with, I got every women in my life one to carry. It's spits pepper spray, CS gas, and red die.

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