does anyone here play fieldrunners 2? |

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does anyone here play fieldrunners 2?

i bought this app a few days ago and ahve been hooked ever since... but i'm stuck on the level bizarre bazaar.. i've googled it and figured out how to 'make the loop' but once i get to level 40 i somehow get overrun and lose.. i can't even beat the damn level on easy... if anyone here has any tips/tricks to get me pass this level i'd greatly appreciate it

and for those of you here who have iphones/ipads, i would recommend this app 100%.. really fun and challenging game, if you like tower defense strategy games


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re: does anyone here play fieldrunners 2?

Bizarre Bazaar is a tough one. Try youtube for help... unless you call that cheating.

Fieldrunners 2

Love the game, have 72 out of 75 stars. This game never gets old.

its a Tower Defense game for all you slugs

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