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re: Cheap 3 Piece Golf Ball

I bought some Srixon Zstar's for a $1 a dozen at PGA Superstore. They are probably 5 years old or they just rang up wrong. But I bought 5 dozen for 5.35.

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re: Cheap 3 Piece Golf Ball

Great deal! Those are what I use. Good feel and distance.

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re: Cheap 3 Piece Golf Ball

AAA Used Golf Balls

I'm a day or so late on this one, but I've used this site twice now and gotten Pro V's and whatever the top of the line Nike's were at the time(last time I got them it was the One Black Platinums). Pretty much the same as some of the others mentione here. They are perfect, just have some random logos on them. Comical thing was I'd just started for my old work at the time, ordered some Pro V's from this site, then realized the outside sales guys give out dozens of Pro V's with our company logo on them. My shipment arrives and there were at least 5 with our logo on them in the box

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re: Cheap 3 Piece Golf Ball

I realize this is a very odd bump but I was doin a little search history on golf balls to see what peoples opinions were. Anyway, came across this and saw a lot of people givin Top Flite Gamer V2's some love....figure I'd pass on the word that you can get 3 dozen for $30 on rockbottomgolf right now

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re: Cheap 3 Piece Golf Ball



I buy all my golf balls from this site

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