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Rick Grimes gun

Ok, I googled it and I think it's a colt python .357, am I right? Also when I googled it it said that the guns were no longer legal, is that true! Of so why? And how much does it cost? Because I want one of those hand cannons

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re: Rick Grimes gun

It is a colt python from what I can tell. They are for sale still.


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re: Rick Grimes gun


Also when I googled it it said that the guns were no longer legal
they just don't make them anymore


In October 1999, Colt Manufacturing Co. announced the termination of its production of Python revolvers. In a 2000 follow-up letter to distributors, the company cited changing market conditions and the costs of defending lawsuits, as the reasons for the discontinuation of the Python line as well as a number of other models.[8] The Colt Custom Gun Shop continued making a limited number of Pythons on special order until 2005, when even this limited production was terminated.[2]

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