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Texas Longhorns

Man how the mighty have fallen.. Is it karma for Texas trying to bully all the other B12 conference members to stay? Now they might go for there 3rd loss in a couple of weeks.

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re: Texas Longhorns

fire Mack Brown!!

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Uncle Stu
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re: Texas Longhorns

the deafening silence around town is awesome

typical thin-skinned Longhorn fans, they all went home and cried, downtown was dead last nite

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re: Texas Longhorns

Nah. Problem is that the conference got a LOT tougher now that Nebraska and Colorado are leaving. That will create a round robin and that's the toughest schedule possible. Texas is so scared they're already losing because of it.

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re: Texas Longhorns

They are rebuilding. Remember after the 2005 title...they had some seasons resulting in the Alamo Bowl and the Holiday Bowl. They are young too...they haven't gone anywhere.

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re: Texas Longhorns

It's a rebuilding season. I went into it expecting 2-3 losses. I've never been one of the shite talkers, but every successful program has them. They seem to disappear when things look bleak and come out when they're at their best.

But if you think one season is going to destroy the Texas football program you're pretty fu*@ing stupid.

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re: Texas Longhorns

This is why I, as an OSU fan was so mad after the 2007 season. OSU lost all their offensive firepower (Ginn, Smith, Gonzo) and ended up getting outclassed in the NCG. They were rebuilding in 07 so I never understood the hate

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