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re: Turkey hunting for idiots

I'm no expert but those suckers are thick during deer season and disappear in the spring


A LOT of great advice here...
Only thing I can really add is to be still as possible.. A turkey can see you blink from 100 yards away (i'm sure thats not true but thats how my grandpa taught me to sit still turkey hunting )

Get out there EARLY and just listen.. If you have an owl hoot or a crow call try to get one to shock gobble... IF you get one to answer, Try to get within 100-150 depending on terrain. yards sit down and wait for fly down and work the hens, they'll fly down first..

Main part about getting them to come in is to know when to call.. I call to the hens.. Try to piss them off and come towards me and 80% of the time he is in tow... And if you get one to answer and you can tell he is getting closer but you still cant see him SHUT UP AND BE STILL, hes on the way..

Heres an example of calling to the hens.. Its my hunts from last season watch the first hunt and turn the volume up.. You'll hear my buddy talking to the hens then the gobblers fire up and come right in.
(I've posted this before but Its a good example of what i'm talking about)
Listen to the first hunt calling sequence. (starts at 54 seconds)
ETA: we called to those hens an hour before the gobbler's showed up.. Patience is key.

GOOD LUCK hope this helps.
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