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Tractors have healing powers

Thought I'd leave this here. Don't know why. Maybe it's because I've always loved old tractors myself. Figured the OB would be the best spot for it.

Fighting cancer through a love for tractors.


Colon cancer patient Larry Schabel was walking the hospital halls one day when he happened upon a fellow patient in a sorry state. When he struck up a conversation with the man and encouraged him to walk to clear his head, it was the beginning of an uncommon bond. It was the day Larry Schabel met Larry TK, both fighting colon cancer, and both sharing a passion for tractors. Specifically, red tractors. The instant bond led to a promise: They'd support each other in battling the disease. Soon after they took on another task, rebuilding a dilapidated tractor. When not on chemo they toiled on the project.

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re: Tractors have healing powers
Love these feel good stories.

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re: Tractors have healing powers
Had a friend die last year of cancer that was that kind of tractor guy. One of the coolest men you'd ever want to meet and I was glad to know him. He was a member of a tractor club in NW LA and they all showed up at his funeral and it went from a sad affair to probably the most upbeat funeral I've ever been to as they all got up and told stories about him.

Good folks those tractor people.

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