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Massive gov agency ammo buy thoughts.....

What if all of this extreme buying of ammo by the gov is just a way to track them to the end user.

They buy ammo, affix RFD's on the packages, get them back into the market, and then they can locate the purchasers ammo chache.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it. Hmmmmmmm..........

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re: Massive gov agency ammo buy thoughts.....
I think that they are just buying early because they see how limited ammo is at Cabelas. Can you imagine trying to buy 50 million bullets at Cabelas?

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re: Massive gov agency ammo buy thoughts.....
They have been buying for a while. I think they were stocking up preparing for an Obama win and then pushing the anti gun agenda. The Aurora shooting happened before the election but you didn't hear near as much gun control talk. The debates didn't even touch the issue...

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