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re: Major ammo distribution channels dry

Bought 1000 rounds of 9mm 115 grain this morning in houston 13 dollars a box
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re: Major ammo distribution channels dry
Walmart just put some out on the east coast of Florida. They just got a shipment into their regional distribution center. They'll be dry again by midnight, according to the couple of their guys I talked to tonight. No bulk 22LR but got some of that CCI 22LR "tactical" which is an old Indian word for markup.

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re: Major ammo distribution channels dry
I ordered some in stock practice rounds from Natchez, 9mm, 40 S&W 45 ACP, and 38 Special this morning. They had a lot of stuff out of stock, but a handful of things showing as in stock. I guess I'll see if it actually ships.

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re: Major ammo distribution channels dry
Simmons in Bastrop had a pallet of 7.62/.308 ammo today. 1000 rounds at .76 a round. Remington 150 grain ball. Picked up a few even though it's a little high I haven't seen it anywhere else lately. 5.56 continues to be harder to find than winning lottery tickets. What is scary is that a distributor as large as Simmons is out of .22.

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