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re: how do you guys carry?


For casual wear, I like to use the Wilderness Tactical Instructor belts, 5 stitch. My first one has the original metal buckle, but next one I bought has the plastic buckle. For a dressier belt, most of the custom leather holster makers also make belts. My leather belt was made by Little Bear Leather, but they're out of business. The "Double Duty" belt from Cabela's is not too bad. These leather belts are THICK, as they should be. I'm always surprised to see postings on the 'net where someone complains about their leather gun belt being "thick" or "stiff." I have 2 leather belts that were free from LA Police gear. They're ok, but not as good as the others already mentioned. Google custom leather belt makers. A good custom leather belt for holster carry will run you upwards of $50, but it will be money well spent.

Good stuff.

The only belts I've used that I like better than the Wilderness "Instructor" belts are those made by The Beltman. IIRC he's in North Carolina.

I guess these qualify as "custom made" since he needs a specific length measurement (explained on his website), a specific width, hole spacing choice, color, and choice of material.

I was very pleased with the first (bullhide) belt I bought -- later bought a horsehide belt that is even better (stiffer).

I think the cost is ~ $70. They last forever.

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re: how do you guys carry?


I had an old leather one that was real thick and worked great. No idea what happened to that one. And now I have destroyed two LSU emblemed leather belts.

I think you should just send ME all your LSU belts for safe keeping!

You might find some additional belt suggestions here:

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re: how do you guys carry?
I got a belt from crossbreed for Christmas. I love it. It makes worlds of difference in the way the gun feels on my hip.

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re: how do you guys carry?
Kahr CM9, front pocket in a pouch that prints like a wallet.

Don't have ccl yet, so I really only do this around the house for training myself right now.

Took ccl over the weekend and submitting docs this week. Hopefully 6 months and I'm good to go.

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re: how do you guys carry?

Took ccl over the weekend and submitting docs this week. Hopefully 6 months and I'm good to go.

Should be a little bit sooner than that... Maybe more like 3-4 months with the current rush.

It only took me 2 months to get mine, but I also didn't take the class during a big political gun storm.

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