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re: 4 x 4 Truck Owners

Yeah, those things don't like to work in a straight line for some reason. I am always holding the brake to get them to lock up

How's that limited slip working in the front? I was thinking about getting one of those ox lockers for my shite but haven't ever pulled the plug

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re: 4 x 4 Truck Owners
If you even think you may need one at some point - get it. Agree with others, better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Good luck!

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re: 4 x 4 Truck Owners
Pretty good. Spins 4 all the time but I can still turn pretty easily.

I like mine alot. Much nicer to drive than locked up shite and its never failed to spin all 4 even with a back tire off the ground.

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