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Refrigerator: repair vs replacement

I've got a 20 year tappan fridge in by back kitchen that I'm having trouble with. It's not getting really cold. The seals have been bad since i bought my house 5 years ago but its not been getting cold only til recently. The seals would probably be about $200-$250 to replace but I don't want to fix them then spend another few hundred to repair it if that doesn't work when I can get a new one for that combined price or a little more.

Is an old fridge like this worth fixing or is it just a money pit and I should get a new one?

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re: Refrigerator: repair vs replacement
New fridge will be way, way, way more energy efficient.

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re: Refrigerator: repair vs replacement
You're almost at the cost of a new fridge.

Get a new one for around $700-800.

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re: Refrigerator: repair vs replacement
Replace it.

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re: Refrigerator: repair vs replacement
Clean filter underneath

Is the freezer still freezing? If so unplug for about 3 hours and then plug back in and see if it gets cold

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