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re: Your Dream Offseason

The bold are the players I would worry about. How good could Hawthorne be as a MLB? Casillas and Vilma as stand up rush OLB's I am not a fan of at all to be honest.

I don't see why he couldn't play in the middle. I know it's a subtle difference but he played middle in Seattle. I mean obviously Vilma wouldn't be a rush OLB, but you're not going to be rushing 5 every play. I just put him and Casillas there if they stick around.

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re: Your Dream Offseason
1) Roger Goodell gets caught w/ a Transgender prostitute and it ends all over the news. Wife divorces him and takes all his money

2) Greg williams looking for a job in football gets laughed out the rooms. Never to come back to football ever again

3) Sean Pamphillons camera equipment gets destroyed and he gets caught lying on a report he never works in media again.

4) that bastard (the former assistant) that started it all, gets caught for something really bad like child pornography thus shuned by the world.

5) hire Lovie Smith or some very good defensive coordinator.

6) Steve Smith gets banned along w/ Rhonde Barber retirement

7) Atlanta,Tampa, Carolina gets in trouble for whatever. and they get the one year ban and loss of picks

8) Home Depot declares bankruptcy

9) sign good quality players that are itching for a Superbowl

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re: Your Dream Offseason
Sorry guys to break the news,but Vilma will not be playing in the 3-4 or for the Saints next year. Let's not forget how we got him, Via trade since he was terrible when NYJ switched to a 3-4. He is a great 4-3 MLB but suspect at best in the 3-4. Besides that we will be cutting salaries any place possible to get back down under the cap.

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re: Your Dream Offseason
Im fine with letting vilma go.

I appreciate his work as a Saint and he will always be a part of the superbowl team, but i am all for moving forward to a better defense. Dont care what kind of small or drastic changes that need to be made.

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re: Your Dream Offseason
What's your beef with Home Depot?

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re: Your Dream Offseason

What's your beef with Home Depot?

The are owned by Arthur Blank, the owner of the Falcons.

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re: Your Dream Offseason
1 sign the defensive coordnator from the niners and he brings over half of their defence

2 roger gotohell gets fired

3 we draft Ziggy Ansae

4 we draft Honey badger

5 Arthur Blank tries to buy out Lowe's but then they say hell no and then Lowe's buys out Home Depot

6 Matty Deepthroat chokes on a big cock in the offseason
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re: Your Dream Offseason
Rehire Gregg Williams and resign Hargrove.

Injure players all the way to the super bowl, then the entire team collectively give Goodell the finger as he hands us the trophy

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re: Your Dream Offseason

Your dream offseason

Tyrann Mathieu

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re: Your Dream Offseason

1.We use every one of our draft picks on LSU players 2. Resign Devery Henderson 3. Sign any FA that went to/ thought about going to LSU

Kill yourself.

The reason lsu players are often suggested is because they should be. Few college programs stack up to lsu on developing nfl talent. Get over it. Ull will never be lsu and lsu fans are mostly saints fans too.

Lastly, frick you

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re: Your Dream Offseason
Bounty gate exposed as fraudulent posturing for concussion lawsuit.

NFL writes huge check for concussions.

Copy of patriot gate tapes surfaces

Goodell fired.

ESPN exposed as sham, new legitimate sports network rises to fill vacuum.

Manti goes undrafted but finds human girlfriend

Lou Holtz and Brent Musburger banned for life from broadcasting

Bama outed for HGH usage, titles forfeited.

Ray Lewis admits to knifing the dude.

Rapelisberger admits to raping, drummed out of league .

Reggie Bush snitches on Pete Carroll. Pete drummed out of football.

Obama steps down as president to pursue acting career. Bidden steps down because he is Biden.

Some rational fiscal conservative is somehow sworn in.

Bollywood buys Hollywood, outsources it to China

World peace.

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