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What a Roller Coaster of a Season

by CQQ
CQQ Pelicans fan174/24 10:54 am

When the Pels blow a 20 pt lead in the playoffs and you're too sad to sleep

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by hendersonshands
hendersonshands ULL fan234/24 10:26 am

We owe ESPN bigtime

by ShamelessPel
ShamelessPel Pelicans fan24/24 10:17 am
Hester Carries

Monty is a great guy, but right now he is not a good head coach

by tgr4ever
64/24 9:50 am

Silver Lining/Moral Victory

by TigerinATL
TigerinATL Pelicans fan54/24 9:01 am

How can you play ball all your life, be a pro, and don't know how to block out?

by tigerskin
34/24 8:55 am

Do the assistant coaches say anything? Never see them talking much during game

by tigerskin
04/24 8:30 am

Pelicans 119 vs. Warriors 123 | F/OT

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by quail man
quail man Pelicans fan12144/24 8:29 am
quail man

worst part of the game, was the a-hole DPS cop who closed off the parking exit.

by Napoleon
Napoleon CSU fan24/24 8:17 am

Which would you rather have?

by Northwestern tiger
Northwestern tiger Saints fan124/24 7:18 am
Northwestern tiger

The official FIRE MONTY thread

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by FlappingPierre
FlappingPierre Pelicans fan274/24 7:17 am

Kill some freaking clock!

by CaptainJ47
CaptainJ47 Hawaii fan14/24 6:59 am

This hurts a lot more than the Denver assraping of 09

by htran90
htran90 Saints fan144/24 2:57 am

Monty is an arse clown

by bobby shmurda
bobby shmurda04/24 2:50 am
bobby shmurda

Why are people shocked?

by Geauxgurt
194/24 1:32 am

Why is Holliday still in

by lmt
124/24 1:16 am

I officially HATE Golden State!

by Tiger Nation 84
Tiger Nation 84 Pelicans fan124/24 1:13 am

Monty's defensive scheme

by KindaRaw
KindaRaw Saints fan24/24 12:46 am

Monty claims he told players to foul

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by Aced
Aced ULL fan344/24 12:42 am

Pels have outscored Warriors 246 - 218 in 9 of 12 quarters...

by tehchampion140
tehchampion140 Pelicans fan54/24 12:39 am
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