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Age v Quality

From Ziller's Hook today:

Yes, the team sucks. But they are expected to suck. And they are adding another lottery pick to this team.

20 teams with an average age of 27 or younger. 14 of them have a negative point differential.

6 teams 25 or younger. 5 have a negative point differential.

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re: Age v Quality
At least we aren't Charlotte. Amirite?

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re: Age v Quality

But they are supposed to suck
That doesn't make any sense

Just being young doesn't mean you're "supposed to suck"

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re: Age v Quality
The Pelicanz Rule

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re: Age v Quality
Maybe not supposed to suck, but certainly more likely to suck. You hear it all the time in interviews with young players and the mentoring vets. Apparently it takes a few years for the young guys to learn how to manage life in the NBA both diet/sleep and getting into the mentality that this is your job and maybe rather than going home after practice you should work on your shot or study film. On top of that with as young as rookies are these days, there's a very real strength issue that we've seen first hand with Rivers and Davis.

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re: Age v Quality
Has OKC above Miami in the quality range. I am not sure how he decided this.

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re: Age v Quality
this time next year we will go into the season just above where houston is now. then this time next year, i predict a deadline trade that will move us close to denver. ship
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re: Age v Quality
Selection bias. Teams that suck will postpone winning for younger players.

Point still stands though. I'm just saying there is no guarentee we will get older. I'm just saying if our current young guys don't pan out as they age, we'll get rid of them and stay young.
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re: Age v Quality
Better than sticking with the old guys that still suck

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