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His logic is even less believable than the premise.

The only reason it would lower unemployment is because the population would be culled pretty significantly. It would also have the effect of making bosses treat their employees better out of fear. Of course, this would probably have the effect of management making completely stupid decisions based on fear and cause the collapse of many corporations, making unemployment higher and thus creating a cyclical problem.

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re: The Purge (2013)
Really I just took particular issue with the figure of 1% being used. There is a simple concept of the natural rate of unemployment. Look into the concept and also how the statistics of unemployment are calculated and think about how this quoted figure doesn't make sense. It might be nitpicking, but it bothers me. And this isn't even getting into the rest of the silly premise.

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re: The Purge (2013)
Even if you got past the 1 percent thing and all the other holes in this plot, they literally took the least interesting part of this given scenario to do the movie on (like another poster said)

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re: The Purge (2013)
I plan on watching this but I'm a sucker for horror movies. I really wish they would have based the story on the night as a whole tho instead of just what's going on inside one house.

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re: The Purge (2013)
I hope Cersei catches an ax to the face.

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re: The Purge (2013)
Something about this movie trailer gave me nightmares two nights ago...

Stupid kid.

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