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The Death Knell of TV: New TLC series "Sex Sent Me to the the ER"
Yes, please just go ahead and declare TV as we knew it (when it actually had some intellectual value and didn't suck) DEAD.

WTF is this crap? And even a better question, how are we devolving to a society where this is the stuff that gets viewership?


On Saturday night, the wits at TLC send off 2013 by rolling out “Sex Sent Me to the ER,” a four-part series about real-life emergency room visits, whose title has been deemed so irresistible that the show will also be seen on a sister channel, Discovery Fit & Health.


It shouldn’t be surprising that sex occasionally requires medical attention since, done with conviction, it can be physically rigorous. And because humans are an innovative species, it is also to be expected that the cases in a show of this type will sometimes involve more than mere overexertion. An ironing board plays a pivotal part in one of the three cases in the premiere.


What really makes “Sex Sent Me to the ER” distinctively unpleasant, though, are the re-enactments of the incidents being described by the actual participants. It’s not that they are X- or even R-rated. It’s that they are given a leering, heavy-breathing quality that might be intended to be funny but that makes you want to send your brain out for a steam cleaning. If the medical emergencies themselves don’t cause you to swear off sex, these wretched re-creations will.


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re: The Death Knell of TV: New TLC series "Sex Sent Me to the the ER"
Tv still has a lot of great quality stuff on it. (Breaking Bad, Mad Men, SoA, Game of Thrones, South Park, etc.) We just have more retarded stuff on tv now. Stop focusing on the negative and you'll find quality stuff.

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