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re: South Park Episodes WADS

Standby. I'll give it my best shot, but I know I'm going to miss some that I've forgotten about.

No write-ups though.

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re: South Park Episodes WADS


How did we get off the front page?!

Too much pressure!

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re: South Park Episodes WADS

Who's down for write ups? I know you are OML.

Hell, you can pretty much copy and paste a bunch from my thread onto this one.

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re: South Park Episodes WADS
damn after reading yours (which was hard, you should space them)
I want to change some. I forgot Chicken lover...

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re: South Park Episodes WADS
Sorry was done from iPhone.

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re: South Park Episodes WADS
After much deliberation I have come up with 20. It was hard, and I shed some tears at the ones I left off.

1. I'm a Little Bit Country
2. Rainforest Schmainforest
3. Red Hot Catholic Love
4. Fourth Grade
5. Gnomes
6. Go God Go
7. Major Boobage
8. Starvin Marvin
9. Butt Out
10. Helen Keller! The Musical
11. Chimpokomon
12. Worldwide Recorder Concert
13. Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride
14. Mr. Hankey
15. Chef Goes Nanner's
16. Cartman's Gift
17. Make Love, not Warcraft
18. Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society
19. Ungroundable
20. Whale Whores

As you can see, my list is heavy on the first few seasons. Seasons 1, 3 and 4 did the best each with 3 episodes.

I did have Cent IPad in the final 35 or so but it didn't make the cut. But Whale Whores in Season 13 is the latest entry.

As you can see, this thread is on life support. If it doesn't get anymore traction, I'll be forced to do my own personal Top 25 list for your enjoyment.

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re: South Park Episodes WADS
Bump. I'm still getting ready to start thinking about starting my list.

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re: South Park Episodes WADS
How fishsticks (s13e5) isn't here is absurd, just rewatched it, between cartmans revisionist memories ("you are definitely not fat", slaying a dragon, and killing an army of jewrobots, to kayne west killing Carlos mencia and becoming the gay fish it has to be one of the best.

Shows how strong this show is for people to leave it off a 20 best episode list.

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