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re: Pain and gain?



I figured you would be in this thread to impart your utter detest for Michael Bay

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re: Pain and gain?
Anybody that has any interest in seeing the movie, or has already seen it, should definitely read Pete Collins' 3-part series that the movie was based on ( begins here).

It's the craziest fricking thing I've ever read.

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re: Pain and gain?
Movie was very nutty. I hated that they put Rebel Wilson in it. She is terrible.

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re: Pain and gain?
I just watched Pain and Gain.

Don't get me wrong, I expected that it would be awful, but it surpassed my expectations.

I was spectacularly awful. I mean, a level of awful I didn't think it could reach.

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re: Pain and gain?
It was a mediocre movie me. Nothing special. the subject it covers how ever was interesting. Worth a download off the pirate bay or a rental.

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re: Pain and gain?
i enjoyed that

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re: Pain and gain?

Watched it and regardless of what this board thinks about Michael Bay, I thought this was a very well put together comedy. The price is right for the entertainment you will receive.

I just watched this shite movie and it is absolutely terrible!!! HORRIBLE!!!!!

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re: Pain and gain?
I watched it at the movie theatre. Yes it sucks. One of those movies where the advertisements portray it as a lot better than it is. The three main characters are certifiably dumb. And yes I know it's based off of real events.

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re: Pain and gain?

The whole tone of the movie was very confusing. Didn't know if I was supposed to be laughing or be in "suspense"

This is why I liked it so much. It was wild. A few very normal guys doing some unimaginable shite. The tone was probably spot on to what they were doing in real life. After watching the movie and reading the story I was blown away by these guys. I can't even fathom getting myself in that whole predicament.

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re: Pain and gain?

read Pete Collins' 3-part series that the movie was based on

that might be the most amazing true story I have ever read. Jesus. Christ.

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