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re: I got an idea for a cinema chain

It's a great idea.. but I really think you are underestimating how MANY movies the average movie goer would start watching if you offered this service. If I could do this, I would pay the $200 - $400 and go see 2-3 movies a week, just because I could, I currently only watch 2-3 movies a year at a full price theater. You would more than likely end up losing a good bit of money on me as well, because I buy 0 concessions, I absolutely love to sneak snacks into the theater.

This. I'm a single male in the most coveted movie going demographic. There would be no reason for me not to spend my weekends during the spring and summer out at the movies seeing every movie and some multiple times with this.

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re: I got an idea for a cinema chain

How do you think this would work out: How about for $200-$400 (still debating the price), you can receive a membership to a theater and see any movie without paying for the rest of the year? The exception will be midnight showings, where you got to pay and reserve upfront for that. It would make a hell of a Christmas gift for people, and I'd say most people see about 10 films in the theater. Do you think it could be profitable?

Are you living in China or something?

I really don't go to movies now but I'd go at least every other week if someone gave it to me.

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