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re: Die Hard and Die Hard 2


Die Hard 2 is really bad.

I'll always remember the tv version.

"Yippee ki yay Mr. Falcon"

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re: Die Hard and Die Hard 2
This reminds me of how the series really went off the rails after Die Hard 3.

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re: Die Hard and Die Hard 2

He's barefoot the whole movie and takes out a masterful terrorist organization with the help of a fat cop and a limo driver. He fricking hangs from a gun strap that is already broken. You choose a football game to be upset about?


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re: Die Hard and Die Hard 2

1988, USC and Notre Dame played on November 26. USC lost 27-10. USC was #2 and ND was #1

movie was made in 87. Released the next summer.

Took place Xmas 87

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