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re: OKC acting like little punks


People seem to forget just how young Thunder still are:

KD: 24
Westbrook: 24
Ibaka: 23

These guys technically aren't even in their prime yet. And they've literally improved every season, both individually and a a team.

Stay tuned.

Btw, screw you for that. I'm 24

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re: OKC acting like little punks

Westbrook gets a lot of flak but sometimes he has to put the ball up because Durant goes into passive mode.

quoted for fricking truth.

It kills me that people don't realize how fricking good Westbrook really is

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re: OKC acting like little punks

Stay tuned.

agree...but you wont see this core make it to their prime together....No way the Thunder let KD go...Westbrook will walk the plank

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