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State tax in NY State.

Live in LA but I work all over country. Last couple of years every state wants their share of state tax thanks fed gov. Problem is its easy as long as my W2's show the amount earned I generally get a substantial refund.

Heres the problem I earned 27K in NY, but when I got my W2 it shows my yearly gross of 100K plus. The NY law requires tht box 16 be equal to your entire gross. Which has to be wrong and I have argued with my companies tax complience person. She sent me a state income spreadsheet which shows the 27K but nowhere does anything confirm it it just shows the 100K plus.

Since this is for state income only I am saving all paperwork documentation emails and such if and when they come after the state tax later over the 27K. As it stands now I owe them 6K extra or better or at 27K about 800 dollars.

It sucks having to do the accounting as its getting harder and harder to pay the taxes I hate to pay...Used to be I paid state tax only on all income in LA no matter where I worked. Need to start getting my "Don't tread on me" stickers.

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re: State tax in NY State.
Best of luck with all that. I would avoid those NY state taxes like the plague too. Paying a state tax of 6%+ would suck royally.

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re: State tax in NY State.
At one point in my career (public accounting) I was filing 9+ state returns a year. Make sure you are using each state's specific forms/guidelines to include taxes collected by other states. You should get a credit to apply against the gross amount earned for taxes paid to each state.

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re: State tax in NY State.

Last couple of years every state wants their share of state tax thanks fed gov.

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re: State tax in NY State.
Your W-2 is correct. There is a form you need to use for NY tax return that allocates income to NY based on number of days working there.

Here it is

Essentially NY taxes you on a share of your federal W-2 income, that share made up of the relative amount of working days you spent in NY.

I have several clients that work a few weeks a year in NY and we have to deal with this form for each of them.
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