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re: Gift tax vs Estate 'gift' tax

GST tax sucks, but I believe there is a lifetime exemption for that as well. Thought it was over a million. Could be wrong. That type of gift would lower both the GST exemption as well as the lifetime. They are not two separate exemptions, just two different limits

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re: Gift tax vs Estate 'gift' tax

GST for short. Transfers from grandparents to grandchildren have their own complications.

So, if parents gift directly to their children, this is avoided?

So, parents can gift up to $5,250,000 (one time) to children with no tax burden on the recipient. Recipient reports gift on 709?*

Uncle can go back on Estate for Long Term Care costs if transfer is less than 3? or 5? years prior.


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re: Gift tax vs Estate 'gift' tax
LTC reach back is 5 years
Estate tax reach back is 3 years

These are as I know them, but you may want to verify with poodlebrain or another CPA. Good luck.

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