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Gas to Liquid Economics

What is the ratio of NG price to diesel/gasoline needed to turn a profit? Is there enough NG out there that GTL production will be significant to affect supply?

Most of what I've read is the "L" is diesel. Is there much gasoline produced in this process?

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re: Gas to Liquid Economics
Doesn't it have to do with what type of hydrocarbons are produced?

i.e., the ones made aren't terribly useful for gasoline but they can make ones that are decent for diesel.

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re: Gas to Liquid Economics
NG here in the US is pushing $4/cf. Oil, on the other hand, is still hovering over 110/bbl (on Brent price).

Think of the refining process like this:
| | | | |
derivatives of heating said hydrocarbons yields you benzens, diesels, gasolines, kerosenes etc. All these are, are broken down hydrocarbons in different forms due to heating.

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