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Are 'Thank you' emails expected at every level?
I understand sending them when you're a college student interviewing for a job. I also understand them when you've been in the industry a couple of year and are interviewing for that next step up, be it a Senior position or even a Manager level. It's more of a formality than anything else, and really just common courtesy.

But does it stop at some point? Do you send Thank You emails to VPs when you're interviewing for a Director position? Or Senior VPs when you're interviewing for a VP? I'm just curious if they are just as common at this level.

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re: Are 'Thank you' emails expected at every level?
If the interview is with a company you are already with I wouldn't send it. A handshake and verbal thank you should suffice. They will be judging you by work you have already done, not by first impressions from the interview. But I feel that it is warranted at any level if it is with a company you do not currently work for.

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re: Are 'Thank you' emails expected at every level?
It probably depends on the company you're interviewing with and the industry you're in.

I work in ERP (accounting and IT) and for new hires we make the hire/no-hire decision within half an hour of the last interview. So a thank-you note is basically a waste of time for everyone. For senior hires it's a little different b/c usually you know someone going in.

Other businesses may be different.

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