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Post Your All-LSU Football Team for 1901-1925
1st Team
QB - George E. "Doc" Fenton, 1907-1909 (Scranton, PA)
FB - Alfred J. "Alf" Reid, 1912-1915 (Lake Charles, LA)
HB - Rowson R. Stovall, 1907-1909 (Dodson, LA)
HB - Michael F. Lally, 1908-1910 (Jessup, PA)
E - John J. Seip, 1907-1910 (Allentown, PA)
E - Walter R. "Ray" Edmonds, 1915-1917, 1919 (Lyon, NY)
T - Marshall H. "Cap" Gandy, 1906-1908 (Negreet, LA)
G - William A. Hillman, 1906-1909 (Minden, LA)
C - Robert L. "Strauss" Stovall, 1906-1909 (Dodson, LA)
G - Harmon C. Drew, 1907-1909 (Minden, LA)
T-G - J.C. "Red" Floyd, 1915-1916, 1919 (Jena, LA)
Head Coach: Edgar R. Wingard, 1907-1908

2nd Team
QB - Oliver P. "Ike" Carriere, 1923-1926 (New Orleans, LA)
FB-QB - Opie Dimmick, 1924-1926 (Shuteson, LA)
HB - Clarence A. "Fatty" Ives, 1917, 1919-1921 (Baton Rouge, LA)
HB - Winfred C. "Poss" Green, 1913-1916 (DeRidder, LA)
HB-E - Reuben O. "Rube" Gill, 1907-1909 (Ruston, LA)
E - John M. Dupont, 1911-1914 (Houma, LA)
T - William M. "Buffalo" Lyles, 1904-1907 (Leesville, LA)
G - Phillip "Chief" Cooper, 1913-1916 (Amite, LA)
C - R.E. "Red" Rice, 1915-1916 (C, West Plains, MO)
G-T - R.F. "Foots" Walker, 1913-1916 (Dodson, LA)
T - William M. "Judge" Pollock, 1908-1910 (Bernice, LA)
Head Coach: E.T. McDonald, 1914-1916

Honorable Mentions
QB-HB, Lawrence H. "Dutch" Dupont, 1910-1913 (Houma, LA)
FB - Earl L. "Tubbo" Ewen, 1920-1923 (Bertrand, NE)
HB-E - W. Morton Evans, 1910-1913 (Baton Rouge, LA)
HB - John J. Coleman, 1899-1903 (New Orleans, LA)
HB - L.S. "Rusty" Beale, 1919-1921 (Baton Rouge, LA)
HB - Reggie A. McFarland, 1919-1922 (Baton Rouge, LA)
E - Newton C. "Dirty" Helm, 1919-1922 (Bunkie, LA)
T - Allen P. Connell, 1924-1926 (White Creek, TN)
T-G - Bewrt M. Busse, 1919-1921 (Alton, IL)
G - E.L. Klock, 1902-1905 (Cheneyville, LA)
G - Arthur E. Klock, 1912-1914, 1916 (Cheneyville, LA)
G - John Egan Crawford, 1911-1913 (Liberty Hill, LA)
C - Fritz L. Spencer, 1919-1921 (Grove, LA)

And, really, the whole Spencer family from Grove:
Curtis Spencer, 1925 (HB, Grove, LA)
Floyd W. Spencer, 1912-1913 (E, Grove, LA)
Fritz L. Spencer, 1919-1921 (C, Grove, LA)
George B. Spencer, 1911, 1913-1914 (G, Grove, LA)
Hugh Frank Spencer, 1916-1917 (T-G-C, Grove, LA)
(See also the Connells, Stovalls, and Klocks.)

W.S. Boreland (15-7), 1901-1903
Dan A. Killian (8-6-2), 1904-1906
Edgar R. Wingard (17-3), 1907-1908
Joe G. Pritchard (4-1), 1909
John W. Mayhew (3-6), 1909-1910 [2-1 in '09]
James K. Dwyer (16-7-2), 1911-1913
E.T. McDonald (14-7-1), 1914-1916 [4-1 in '16]
Irving R. Pray (11-9), 1916, 1919, 1922 [2-0 in '16]
Dana X. Bible (1-0-2), 1916
Wayne Sutton (3-5), 1917


The Best
1908, 10-0 (NCF National Champions; first NC from the South until Heisman at GT in 1917 LINK)
1916, 7-1-2 (#10 -- going by J. Howell's power rating system)
1909, 6-2 (#15)
1907, 7-3 (#18)
1905, 3-0 [Not Rated]
1921, 6-1-1 (#19)
1913, 6-1-2 (#22)
1901, 5-1 [Not Rated]

The Mediocre
1919, 6-2 (#24)
1915, 6-2 (#26)
1902, 6-1 (#30)
1911, 6-3 (#34)
1920, 5-3-1 (#35)
1912, 4-3 (#44)
1906, 2-2-2 (#50)
1910, 1-5 (#55)

The Worst
1924, 5-4 (#56)
1925, 5-3-1 (#61)
1904, 3-4 (#67)
1917, 3-5-1 (#69)
1903, 4-5 [Not Rated]
1914, 4-4-1 (#70)
1923, 3-5-1 (#80)
1922, 3-7 (#101)

The First SoCo Years
1922, 3-7 (1-2) [beat Tulane to end the season; would not get another conference win until Auburn in 1926]
1923, 3-5-1 (0-3)
1924, 5-4 (0-3) [first year in Tiger Stadium]
1925, 5-3-1 (0-2-1)

NOTE: LSU would win its only SoCo title in the fall of 1932, the last season before the SEC.

NOTE2: LSU did not field a team in 1918, but the following (future) SEC schools did--Georgia Tech (6-1), Texas A&M (6-1), Vanderbilt (4-2), Miss. State (3-2), Arkansas (3-2), Kentucky (2-1), Sewanee (2-2), South Carolina (2-1-1), Auburn (2-5), & Ole Miss (1-3). Compare this to 1943 when only LSU, Georgia, Tulane, & Georgia Tech, played SEC conference games. The Great Lakes Navy (7-1-2) and Mare Island Marines (10-1) had very good seasons in 1918.

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re: Post Your All-LSU Football Team for 1901-1925
Some noteworthy comments about this era...



It is sometimes falsely stated that the famous Bacardi Bowl where LSU played Havana University on Christmas Day, 1907, was the first football game played on foreign soil. That is obviously not true, since Harvard played for the first time with rugby style tries/touchdowns against McGill University, including a game in Montreal in 1874, and then continued to travel frequently for games in Canada after Walter Camp & company solidified the rules of football to include the down system with set plays from a line of scrimmage. Nonetheless, the game was something rather unique in the history of football, and gave evidence of LSU's early international character.


Lettermen from 1893-1925 with hometowns outside of LA, TX, MS, or AL:

Rene A. Messa, 1904-1905 (FB, Santiago, Cuba)
V. Victor Rivero, 1904 (HB-E, Monterey, Mexico)
A.C. Sanchez, 1914 (G, Santa Lucia, Cuba)

Ralph M. Kennedy, 1901-1903 (HB, Los Angeles, CA)
Oran P. Bates, 1903 (E, Cairo, IL)
J.H. “John” Griffith, 1905 (E, Jackson, MI)
Clarence I. Smith, 1905-1906, 1908 (HB, Albion, MI)
V.E. “Bob” Smith, 1905-1908 (HB, Albion, MI)
Harry Baldwin, 1907 (G, Albion, MI)
George E. “Doc” Fenton, 1907-1909 (QB, Scranton, PA)
John J. Seip, 1907-1910 (E, Allentown, PA)
John G. “Johnnie” Albright, 1908-1909 (QB, Memphis, TN)
Michael F. Lally, 1908-1910 (HB, Jessup, PA)
Walter R. “Ray” Edmonds, 1915-1919 (E, Lyon, NY)
R. Platou, 1915 (HB, Brooklyn, NY)
R.E. “Red” Rice, 1915-1916 (C, West Plains, MO)
H.F. “Mike” Flanagan, 1916 (HB, New Britain, CT)
Thomas J. Henry, 1916 (HB-FB, Alton, IL)
Bewrt M. Busse, 1919-1921 (T-G, Alton, IL)
Earl L. “Tubbo” Ewen, 1920-1923 (FB, Bertrand, NE)
Lem F. Hewett, 1920 (E, Lexington, NE)
John E. “Pug” Steele, 1921, 1923-1925 (Yadkin Valley, NC)
Abie A. Bame, 1922 (T, Toledo, OH)
George M. Connell, 1922-1925 (C-T, White Creek, TN)
Allen P. Connell, 1924-1926 (T, White Creek, TN)


As explained in another thread, LSU made the move to its current campus location during the mid-1920s, before Huey Long became governor of the state in 1928. (The move was gradual, with the first classes on the new campus being held in 1925, and all classes being held there by 1932.) Probably the two most influential governors in terms of getting state funding for new campus buildings were John M. Parker (1920-1924) and Henry L. Fuqua LINK (1924-1926).

The first game was played in Tiger Stadium in 1924, but Huey Long does get credit for orchestrating the doubling of seating capacity (from 22k to 46k) that became functional by the 1937 season, and he was governor during the first night game played at Tiger Stadium in 1931.


Although the Tigers' first seasons in the Southern Conference were dismal, before that LSU did have 2 notable win streaks: a 22-game winning streak for games played in Baton Rouge from 1907 to 1912, and a 15-game overall winning streak from 1907 to 1909.


(See post below.)

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re: Post Your All-LSU Football Team for 1901-1925
Not a single one of these players for LSU ever played in the NFL. Though the APFA formed in 1920, changing its name to the NFL in 1922, pro football did not become as popular as the college game until around the 1950s.

Especially in the South, pro football careers were rare before the 1930s, as the NFL didn't even institute its first draft until February 8, 1936. In fact, the first LSU player to make it to the NFL was Jess O. Tinsley from Haynesville, who played tackle for LSU from 1926 to 1928 before moving on to play for the Chicago Cardinals from 1929 to 1933.

Thus all of these men played for love of the game, and so perhaps once again we should take heed of the words of Mr. Keating...


Because we are food for worms lads. Because, believe it or not, each and every one of us in this room is one day going to stop breathing, turn cold, and die.

Keating turns towards the trophy cases, filled with trophies, footballs, and team pictures.

Now I would like you to step forward over here and peruse some of the faces from the past. You've walked past them many times. I don't think you've really looked at them.

The students slowly gather round the cases and Keating moves behind them.

They're not that different from you, are they? Same haircuts. Full of hormones, just like you. Invincible, just like you feel. The world is their oyster. They believe they're destined for great things, just like many of you. Their eyes are full of hope, just like you. Did they wait until it was too late to make from their lives even one iota of what they were capable? Because you see gentlmen, these boys are now fertilizing daffodils. But if you listen real close, you can hear them whisper their legacy to you. Go on, lean in. screenplay video

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re: Post Your All-LSU Football Team for 1901-1925
You spent a lot of time on something 99% of this board knows nothing about.
You get an A for effort though.
I read your post.

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re: Post Your All-LSU Football Team for 1901-1925
Were any of those 1908 era players over 200lbs? I don't guess there are 40yd dash or any other times recorded for those players?

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re: Post Your All-LSU Football Team for 1901-1925
Doc, I always enjoy your historical posts.

I am interested in this stuff, but I seriously only know two names from that era - one is your namesake and the other is the coach, Wingard.

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re: Post Your All-LSU Football Team for 1901-1925

You spent a lot of time on something 99% of this board knows nothing about.


LSU Football


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