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re: New stadium in Omaha, not small ball/homerun related

Sat with an old friend whose son plays for MSU for Fridays game. 2pm game was brutally hot! Row 31 of lower level (116) , great seats until the ball was hit, overhang blocked all fly balls, and created a sauna effect, and blocked the very nice 15-20 mph winds blowing in from center. But it was no worse than TS for one of those ESPN 6pm games in September. Those green shiny flies in Omaha bite! And they sting! And the sign nazi came running up when someone hung a very generic MSU sign on the railing behind row 31! He was yelling , "Who put that sign up" I was afraid they were gonna get kicked out, and they were players parents!
The rest of my experience here has been very positive, and I will be back, preferably watching Purple and Gold, instead of maroon and white,

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re: New stadium in Omaha, not small ball/homerun related

You seem to be the only person in this thread offering excuses. This isn't about LSU, this is about the game of college baseball and its entertainment value.

i agree with this. the op wasn't offering excuses but rather was stating FACT. the stadium's dimensions are like the padres old park; a pitchers park. plain and simple. oh, and the padres moved their fences in; why? because the fans would like to see some runs scored. pitchers duels are cool; but EVERY GAME? it gets boring and you won't find a more baseball purist than me. the college game deserves more excitement from the hitting side. i'm old enough to state this... COLLEGE BASEBALL WAS DEAD BEFORE METAL BATS. METAL BATS BROUGHT COLLEGE BASEBALL BACK. it appears that the poweres that be don't have a damn clue what their sport is.

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re: New stadium in Omaha, not small ball/homerun related
i'll never step foot in TDA

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re: New stadium in Omaha, not small ball/homerun related
LSU playing like crap aside, the style of baseball that is played in that stadium is boring as hell

Balls just die for the most part

Visually, the stadium and surroundings are very nice.

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