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re: How would Bo Rein have done?


The same question, discussion, and conclusion year after year is interesting to you?

Did you come into this thread expecting it to not be about Bo Rein?

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re: How would Bo Rein have done?
Talk about fate. It's like JFK.

Had Lewis Benscotter not flown above the the safe altitude level on that recruiting trip....

*Rein might still be coaching (he was only 34).
*No Stovall, Arnsparger, Archer, Dinardo.
*Saban leaves Michigan State for somewhere else and maybe never even ventures to the South.
*Hallman (an Alashama man) may have been hired by bama from So. Miss after Favre's glory years.)

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re: How would Bo Rein have done?
Jerry definitely doesn't deserve as much criticism as he gets. The guy nearly won the Heisman trophy at LSU and came to the rescue in its time of need.

He did beat Bear and Florida/Florida St in 1982 but he did have a lot of staff turnover and never really had the support of the school. Guy was a great assistant coach and personable guy but was in over his head.

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re: How would Bo Rein have done?

Bo Rein

1982 National Champs. Rein becomes LSU hero. We never hire Arnsparger. Or Archer. Or Curly.

Rein turns Hodson into Heisman candidate. We play for 1987 title but get beat by unstoppable Miami Hurricanes. We are in the hunt again in 88 but get trounced by the Hurricanes again in TS, ruining our hopes.

Rein's old school style starts to wane. LSU still hires Dinardo in 1995.

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