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#25 LSU 35 vs. Syracuse 26 | FINAL

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by Rouge
Rouge 25479/24 9:33 am
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The Score Board is now locked...The Tiger Rant is open for business.

by Chicken
Chicken 010/25 10:52 pm

LF7 kneeled for the anthem but stood for God Save the Queen

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by Preauxpofol
Preauxpofol459/24 10:10 am

Coach O has "No Chance"!

by Team Purple
Team Purple 189/24 10:06 am
Tigris Christi

Should Key ride the bench?

by Hammertime
Hammertime 49/24 9:56 am

Bigger bust - Matt Canada or Lou Tepper

by Im4datigers
Im4datigers 139/24 9:56 am
Wind Rivers Tiger

Stop with the " who was the was the recruiting coordinator" bit

by jdrn21
jdrn21 79/24 9:56 am

How can depth issues and Les Miles be used as an excuse after last night?

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by CapperVin
CapperVin 269/24 9:56 am

Adrian Magee

by BornKjun
BornKjun 09/24 9:55 am

It's a long way away but how bad does Bama beat LSU?

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by TDsngumbo
TDsngumbo 249/24 9:54 am

Good news about this team

by TigerSaint1
TigerSaint1 149/24 9:49 am
Tigris Christi

1-7, 2-6 in SEC play is probably something we should be ready for.

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by LSUTigersVCURams
LSUTigersVCURams489/24 9:49 am

Les Miles is Laughing all the way to the bank right now

by theunknownknight
theunknownknight 59/24 9:49 am
LSU Groupee

Here's a good one.....We're paying our OC more than we paid Cameron.

by CptBengal
CptBengal 59/24 9:49 am

Many of you are in full retard mode....

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by JazzyJeff
JazzyJeff519/24 9:47 am

The game last night was EXACTLY like a Les Miles game

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by theunknownknight
theunknownknight 299/24 9:46 am
jimmy the leg

One question for O & Canada

by PlaylikeJeter
PlaylikeJeter 29/24 9:46 am

The Rant is good therapy for me..

by saturncube21
saturncube2139/24 9:41 am

Etling > Brennan and stats don’t lie

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by demtigers73
demtigers73 389/24 9:40 am
Clark W Griswold

for what we've got this year, i saw some positives

by stephendomalley
stephendomalley 159/24 9:39 am

151 rushing yards - the least amount in a win in 3+ years

by slackster
slackster 29/24 9:38 am

How can you be shocked when you know who the head coach is?

by CBandits82
CBandits8249/24 9:37 am

LSU fans, face the reality

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by SilverStallion
SilverStallion 309/24 9:37 am
H-Town Tiger

Bad LSU fans ruin LSU football

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by EST
EST 529/24 9:36 am

Predict the coaches who leave after this season

by rented mule
rented mule 129/24 9:33 am
rented mule
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