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re: How is LSU not #1 in Rivals Recruiting?


As far as recruiting goes, you won't actually know who has the better class until they kids have been in school for about 3-4 years. If you look at LSU's classes, there have been some schools that have had as good or better classes during the past 4-5 years, but LSU has put more players in the NFL.

This was my follow-up to the 12k/24k comparison. I personally believe that recruiting classes should be judged based off of on the field performance and draft positioning. Although, player development varies from school to school. LSU has done more with its lower ranked classes than several teams have done with similar or better recruiting class rankings.

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re: How is LSU not #1 in Rivals Recruiting?
We kept everyone we wanted in state. (Sans Williams and Ellis, possibly). We also poached Tennessee's best D lineman, possibly the best OL in the Midwest, and both a dual threat and pro style qb. Both from great distances. We did 'aight !

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re: How is LSU not #1 in Rivals Recruiting?
LSU's point total only went up 100 points after two 4 star players got bumped to 5 stars and we picked up an additional 4 star player. No way that is only a 100 point bump. Should have been closer to 300.

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