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re: Blacknall does not commit


We already have Upchurch and Chark and I think we only take 3 of Quinn, Noil, Dupree, and Blacknall. I think Noil and Dupree are takes and Quinn and Blacknall are competing over the same scholly. So is Blacknall a take right now if Quinn commits tomorrow?

Upchurch is more than likely going to be a TE/H-Back type player, while Chark will be a DB. We are going to take all 4 of the receivers. And Quille if he decides to come home.

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re: Blacknall does not commit
They are all takes, end of story. LSU will Figure out how to make the numbers work later.

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re: Blacknall does not commit
I think Harris is. Just don't see how the numbers work if Quinn commits tomorrow and assuming we get Noil and Dupree. You'd have to dump the kicker or cut back on the numbers at another spot.

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re: Blacknall does not commit
SB ran a 4.41 40 today...........


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re: Blacknall does not commit
The numbers have already been cut back:

At most 3 most probably 2 LBers...1 TE... maybe 0 FB so 2 RBs can be taken with no extra in the backfield. I like to think of 25 scholarships split among 24 positions if you include the PK and the P. LSU will not sign a punter so there is 1 extra right there and will undersign by 2 in the OL and probably 1 in the LBer. All of a sudden you have extra spots for DBs and WRers.

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re: Blacknall does not commit
The numbers are there and all of the wrs are takes. Better yet it's extremely likely that all end up Tigers. Has always been the case no matter what rumors have been to the contrary. Quinn has always been a take. He's the only one that's immediately ready to see the field. Williams is not included in that because he's not gonna be in the class most likely


Qb 1
Rb looking like only LF
Wr 4-5
Te 2 counting Upchurch
Ol 3 max
Dl 4
Lb 2
Db 7
K 1

That's 25 and we may still add a couple because the inevitable grade risk is in there somewhere

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