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Improve this team

Ash Williams LSU fan79/30 8:43 pm
by tween the hedges

Trade Shady?

LSUGUMBO Saints fan29/30 8:37 pm
by tzimme4

How can I improve my team?

ccsavage21 LSU fan29/30 8:31 pm
by Ric Flair

Cam Newton going forward: thoughts and commentaries encouraged

CBandits82 LSU fan139/30 8:28 pm
by ellishughtiger

Fair trade?

Telephone Tough Guy Saints fan29/30 8:27 pm
by ehidal1

Paul vs Reed going forward

Ric Flair LSU fan79/30 8:21 pm
by Ric Flair

First time FFL player need trade advice

Back Gold Cajun ULL fan39/30 8:20 pm
by Nonetheless

Eli or Bortles waiver

StreakySchmidty LSU fan29/30 8:06 pm
by boom roasted

Trade Help - Trying to get Smith Sr. or Cruz

RB10 LSU fan39/30 7:52 pm
by Ric Flair

Would you rather have Olsen or Kelce

Ash Williams LSU fan119/30 7:14 pm
by Byron Bojangles III

Normal to charge $5 to drop\add a player?

(Page 1 2)
Dr. Shultz LSU fan359/30 6:58 pm
by dartdogs

Trade help Vernon, spiller, smith for Nelson and vereen

Miya9145 LSU fan09/30 6:52 pm
by Miya9145

Spiller, Bradshaw, and Benjamin for Dez Bryant, Bell, and Cameron

BeYou Baylor fan39/30 6:41 pm
by dualed

Benjamin for Asiata?

tigersaint26 LSU fan59/30 6:37 pm
by dualed

Would you rather have Ball or Lacy?

ItsThatDude12 LSU fan29/30 6:33 pm
by TunaTigers

rivers or Ryan?

Mickey Donovan BostonCollege fan29/30 5:41 pm
by robbykidd

What Would be a Fair Trade in This Situation?

CocoLoco Saints fan59/30 5:41 pm
by CocoLoco

This is the week to "sell high" on Asiata

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Nonetheless LSU fan219/30 5:30 pm
by dualed

Trade Help

ccsavage21 LSU fan19/30 5:06 pm
by PrideofTheSEC

Ellington Trade advice-

MSG Saints fan59/30 4:34 pm
by McCringleberryy

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