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More Bert materialBAP2001 183/18 11:38 am
by ncinthenext3
Please help: Trying to combine youtube video and gif...gag video of sortsunbeWEAVEable 43/18 8:39 am
by unbeWEAVEable
Fark this Dancing with the Stars imagegoatcheese4me 03/18 8:03 am
by goatcheese4me
Obamacare Gifs contest from 03/18 6:32 am
by muttenstein
Kenyan Police Office Kicks Baby. Lets get some great farks out of thisDueceshark 93/17 10:48 pm
by Dueceshark
Can someone put a UGA hat on this dawg pleaseBarberitosDawg 43/17 7:17 pm
by RoyalBaby
Can we get an "IN" on this please?Geauxld Finger 13/17 9:49 am
by TClayboy99
Jarvis the cross eyed cat...... do your worstbdv1974 63/16 9:23 pm
by BayouBandit24
Fark JohnnyNo 23/16 10:16 am
by No
"Need Help" Friend needs a shirt designbdv1974 133/16 8:28 am
by HarryBalzack
Kermie & the FLOTUS...DawgFARKer 153/16 6:38 am
by Spurticus
Need help with bartender baby pictureUncle JackD 73/15 2:00 pm
New TL;DRMiloTealeaf 63/15 1:57 pm
Need your help for a poster.pivey14 83/14 7:33 pm
by HarryBalzack
Need a "Didn"t Read" or "IDGAF" or "Haters Gonna Hate" on dis plztylerdurden24 73/14 3:07 pm
by tylerdurden24
Can someone take out the Batman logo and "Arkham Knight" text please?finchmeister08 33/14 2:54 pm
by RoyalBaby
Need help NOWlil tiger22 73/14 12:32 pm
by TH03
Can someone photoshop John Delgados license plate to read LSURussianHeadBusta4LSU 23/13 9:40 pm
by HeadBusta4LSU
True Detective GIF Request - Opening Scene of Finaleavidday 03/13 9:13 pm
by avidday
You Must Watch This Short Film for Incredible Fark Materialmizzoukills83/13 3:08 pm
by mizzoukills

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