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Harris > Kragthorpe

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AlaTiger 209/27 9:54 pm
by AlaTiger

When is the last time we scored 60+ against an opponent?

BamaHater 109/27 9:51 pm
by lsumailman61

Sciambra at kicker

jimbeam 19/27 9:51 pm
by The Boat

How many "will Harris start" threads this week?

im4LSU 119/27 9:51 pm
by ipodking

Kragthorpe has better stats now.

RickyDonSkaggs69/27 9:50 pm
by Celery

If Harris would have started the 3rd quarter vs. Moo state.

Ltown_tiger 139/27 9:50 pm
by monsterballads

Kragthorpe has more career passing yards than Russell Shepard

OneMoreTime 119/27 9:52 pm
by DeathValley85

Time to bring the Marine in

HoopyD 49/27 9:49 pm
by Mr Breeze

With Harris starting at Qb.. Updated LSU season prediction thread

The Boat 79/27 9:45 pm
by The Boat

7 Series - 7 TD's for BH

oneg8rh8r 09/27 9:45 pm
by oneg8rh8r

Looks like Brad K. is coming in...

St. Pete Tiger 119/27 9:44 pm
by OneFifty

LOL. Great coach

novabill 59/27 9:44 pm
by Tiger Ryno

Jennings > Kragthorpe

DeathValley1924 29/27 9:42 pm
by Relham10

The Kragthorpe Era Has Begun!!!

Big Moe 19/27 9:42 pm
by LSURussian

Play calling signs

cstewa739/27 9:41 pm
by cstewa7


TXGunslinger10 89/27 9:40 pm
by OneFifty

Where is the "Miles plays whoever gives us the best chance to win" crowd

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League Champs489/27 9:40 pm
by League Champs

Was Mike refusing to get into his cage because Jennings was starting??

barry 19/27 9:40 pm
by Walking the Earth

Harris, LF, Beckwith

Hold That Tiger 10 109/27 9:39 pm
by Hold That Tiger 10

With Harris at QB, we're back in the hunt!

Smalls 109/27 9:39 pm
by BabyTac

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